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Chris supplied and installed a main water valve (3/23/2012) and, on the second visit (4/06/2012), replaced a second main water valve.

Member Comments:

We called Chantilly Plumbing because my mother had a situation recently where she needed to turn the main water shuttoff valve due to a water-related emergency and, because it hadn't been used in so long, it started to leak after it had been turned off and on several times. She used Chantilly Plumbing, based on a recommendation, to replace the broken shuttoff valve with a lever-style shuttoff valve. She had a positive experience so we decided to hire them to replace our main shuttoff valve. Our house was built in 1972 and the main water shutoff valve was difficult to turn.  To prevent a situation such as having it break during an emergency that required us to use the shuttoff valve, we decided to replace it with the newer lever style shutoff valve.  During the process, we found a second valve that needed to be replaced so we scheduled a second appointment.  It was easy to schedule an appointment and communication was excellent, from start to finish.  Chris answered my many questions with patience.  We're pleased with the company's timeliness, professionalism, responsiveness, neatness, and with the quality of work.  We plan on hiring them again.



I requested that they reposition the basement rough-in for placement of the bathroom fixtures (sink, toilet and shower).  Also, I needed a rough-in for a wet bar.  (Later, my wife requested a sink be installed in the garage.)

Member Comments:

Rich came in and provided me with a verry good estimate for the work and reviewed different options for the solution.  When he came to do the work, he arrived on time, with his associate, and started right in to work. (The inspector who came to check the ground work stated that he 'really knew what he was doing'). After the ground work inspections, they returned to complete the plumbing runs for the bathroom, wet bar, garage sink, and to install the shower stall. All of the work was completed in short order and was execellently performed.  They removed all the debri and lef the work area very tidy.



We had some plumbing work done in our bathroom; we had a bathtub replaced since the original plumbing work was faulty.

Member Comments:

Overall, the experience was fine. It was what we expected and they did an okay job!



They repaired my dishwasher and installed a new garbage disposal. The experience was excellent! He did an outstanding job and was very professional.



They’re our regular plumber.

Member Comments:

They’ve been a good company to work with! They do a good job overall.



I used Chantilly Plumbing for plumbing needs.

Member Comments:

I like the fact that they were quick in responding. They cleaned up after they were done and I will use them again in the future.



Removed broken kitchen sink disposal and existing plumbing.  Removed and replaced kitchen sink faucet.  Installed new disposal on opposite side of sink and installed new plumbing to both sides.

Member Comments:

Appointment was made.  Receptionist was very considerate and kind.  The owner and his adult son, both plumbers, came at the designated time, performed the work in a professional manner, and I was very satisfied.  Both were present beacuse they knew that old plumbing and new faucet fixtures sometimes require two people to get the job done.  I sincerely appreciated their thoughtfulness and how quickly they worked.  I couldn't have been more pleased.



This is the second time I've used Chantilly Plumbing and have had excellent service both times.  The first time was in June 2011 when I had a leaking water pressure release value replaced.  The second time (Dec 2011) I had the fill valve and flapper assembly and supply tube replaced along with my hot water heater flushed.

Member Comments:

When you call the company, a very friendly lady (Shelly) answers the phone professionally, and she scheduled both orders very quickly.  The quote I got over the phone is what I paid.  (I believe the first time I used a coupon on their website for $25 off.)  The owner, Ron, was in charge of both jobs and the installation and repairs were flawless.  Ron's really good about instructing you about what's going on with your systems and telling you like it is - with no nonsense.  I definitely sense that I can trust what Ron is saying and that I'm not getting some song and dance.  I also believes the prices he quotes are very fair.  Ron works quickly, efficiently, and always cleans up all traces of mess before he leaves.  I've used Chantilly Plumbing twice and will definitely seek out their services for future planned (and unplanned) work!



Removed existing electric water heater and installed new heat-pump energy efficiient water heater.

Member Comments:

Workment showed up within the scheduled window to accomplish the work. The work proceeded without delay ans was a very professional job.  Installing the water heater required re-plumbing and rerouting the various pipes around the new heater including the addition of a condensate drain line.  I would strongly recommend this company to anyone needing plumbing services.



Had a Moen single handled shower faucet that had gone bad.   Both the cartridge inside the pipe was failing (had begun to leak and it was impossible to totally stop water flow from the spigot) and the fittings that held the handle to the faucet assembly were broken.    In addition, the cartridge was jammed into the pipe and would not come out when I tried to pull it myself to do the repair.   Chantilly Plumbing was able to successfully replace the cartridge and obtain and install the replacement handle fittings so that the faucet was returned to fully working condition.

Member Comments:

Ron from Chantilly Plumbing was extremely responsive and professional.    He was punctual, pleasant, and able to perform the repairs.    The repairs were performed in two visits (cartridge replacement and then handle repair) because of the need to order parts for the handle, but Ron followed up after the first visit as promised and everything was done to my satisfaction.    Perhaps not a terribly complex job, but I have done my own plumbing repairs from time to time and this was not something I was able to do because of the way in which the cartridge was jammed in the pipe.   To make a long story short, I was very pleased with the work and with Ron's professionalism and would use Chantilly Plumbing again for future plumbing needs.



Chantilly Plumbing & Remodeling Inc. replaced our house hot water heater. I can’t remember when I last used their services.

Member Comments:

It was a local company. We had no problem. The company was really very professional. They were a smart company.  Worth was the owner of the company. He was the one who actually came an installed the unit. He did a great job. He cleaned up afterwards. He answered all my questions prior to us hiring him. About a month after he installed it, there was a leak, which we had noticed. It was a small leak so it took a while for us to notice. It was not anything on his part. It was our part of bridge, any fracturing. He came and repaired it right away. We haven't had a problem since. He was very good on the price. He was probably the best of the three prices that I got. Quality: Definitely, it is good. I would absolutely use them in the future.



Used them over the course of last few years for various projects at varous dates- bath tub hook-up, lavatory istallation, utility sink and faucet installation, pipe sizing for the shower, toilet istallation.

Member Comments:

Ron is a top notch professional, and I appreciated dealling with him on many projects. His price is fair, but on some projects it could be higher than competition because he charges a flat fee for the job, not a variable fee per hour -- but the price was not my only criteria. I appreciated his honesty and straighforwardness and he would never sell you something that you don't need. He is conservative in his ways and generally does not like challenge or creative approach -- despite being very capable!! It took a lot of encouraging on my part to persuade him to install an unusually configured toilet and somewhat quirky modern rain pipe for the lavatory -- the end result was superb and withstood the test time. All of his work was of high quality and use of best materials. He never had to come back and fix his own work He is a very nice guy, quite pleasant in conversation and has good manners. He is respective of your home.  I have an issue with his responsiveness though. It takes him days to call you back and if he does not hear back from you he wouldn't follow up...as if he just does not want your business...During my last project I was disappointed with his sluggish response, and after some misunderstanding and him not showing up per agreed scheduled (me wasting a day off work)...I had to search for another plumber in the midst of things because the work had to be done. I would have no issues if he simply told me that the project was not in his interest or he does not have time at this moment.  I regret I cannot give Ron a perfect score as he is one of the best contractors I've ever worked with and I wish he valued my loyalty a bit more. I would recommend him though -- just keep in mind you need to be proactive in keeping in touch with him and getting clear commitment from him -- otherwise he could be unreliable.

Company Response:

Gave Customer a tenative date for us to preform there work prior to us giving them a price and us getting a signed proposal. I asked that she respond back to me if the pricing was good and that we can get the signed proposal back. However I never heard from her and scheduled another customer in the time frame I had origanilly given her because of no response. When she called when we didn't show up I explained this to her that I needed a response thru email that pricing etc. was good. Her response was she didn't communicate thru email. Without a signed proposal and a ok from a customer that they accept the pricing we are not going to show up to do the work.



replaced a leaking refridgerator water line, performed new dishwasher hookup, replaced regulator on main water line, cleaned/snaked a sluggish tub drain

Member Comments:

Ron and Chris were professional and reliable.  Haven't had any issues with the items they repaired.  I'd definitely use them again.



We had some water damage due to the toilet not being installed correctly by the builder. After we had the floor replaced, Ron and Chris came to reinstall the toilet properly.

Member Comments:

I'm very pleased by their service - Ron and Chris were professional and knowledgeable. They gave me a flat rate quote over the phone and even though the install was a little more difficult than we expected, they didn't change the rate. I would use them again



I used Chantilly Plumbing to install a new water heater.

Member Comments:

I am very satisfied with the work that Chantilly Plumbing did when installing my new hot water heater.  They returned my call within a very short period of time and set up an appt for the same day.  They called when they were on the way and showed up exactly when they said they would.  Both gentlemen were very polite and professional.  They worked swiftly to complete the job in a timely manner and answered any questions that I had.  Their price was very fair and I was even able to use a $50.00 coupon from their website.  I would definitely use them again and already told friends about their wonderful service



We needed our old water heater removed and a new one installed.

Member Comments:

After receiving an exhorbitant estimate from another well known Plumbing company and a few others from referals, we decided to go with Chantilly Plumbing and Remodeling.  They gave us an estimate over the phone, which I was skeptical about, but hopeful.  Ron and his assistant arrived later than we had discussed, but explained that a previous job required a little extra attention.  They were ready to work and began immediately.  To my surprise they were installing the new water heater before I even knew that the old one was removed.  They were quick, efficient and professional.  They had the job completed in much less time than expected.  They cleaned up after themselves so well that if it weren't for the shiney new water heater it would be impossible to tell that work had been done.  Ron even directed us to the company website so that we could take advantage of the on-line coupon that was available.  Outstanding job all around, highly recommended



We had a leak in the basement and had another plumber out to figure out what was happening, but they couldn't figure it out. Chantilly Plumbing sent Chris and Randall out and after a short time checking out the problem they figured out that a screw had punctured a pipe. They repaired the problem quickly.

Member Comments:

They were professional, efficient and pleasant to interact with. They quickly found the problem and solved it. It was a great experience overall



Arrived on time for estimate. Discussed options (tank vs. tankless, gas vs. electric) Agreed on a job. Did job promptly as promised. Cleaned up afterward. Couldn't have been easier for me. Well done 



I wasn't present when the work was performed but my mother loved them from start to finish



This was a complicated job, essentially reworking the vent/drain side of three different bathrooms and running pipes through the walls up through the the attic to the roof, properly venting the bathrooms and replacing "Studor" vents.  This involved tapping into three separate drains, cutting into three walls and drilling up to the attic to run the pipes.  Chantilly Plumbing corrected the awful plumbing installed by our home builder.

Member Comments:

This was s great experience, we put off doing this work for the past year because we thought it would be an ordeal.  Chantilly made this quick work, arriving on-time and getting the job done in one day, including cleanup!  I am a bit of a "do it yourself" person, and even though this was too big a job for me, they took care in showing me exactly what was wrong with the existing system, and found a much faster way of correcting it then I had envisioned.



They moved rough in plumbing for a powder room, bathroom and a bar in the basement. They installed propane lines for an outdoor grill.

Member Comments:

It went very well. We would highly recommend them. They were reasonably priced and prompt service.



I used Chantilly Plumbing to repair a frozen pipe when it burst the second time. The first plumber (sent by a home warranty) just repaired it and it soon burst again. Chantilly Plumbing took the time to explain how it happened and how to prevent it in the future. I then used Chantilly Plumbing to install a new double sink in the kitchen, to change bathroom faucets to levers, to install a new dishwasher after numerous repairs by another plumber (sent by the home repair warranty), and will again use Chantilly Plumbing to install a new handicapped commode in the bathroom. I am convinced they are the company I prefer to use.

Member Comments:

Their workmanship is excellent. They are dependable, efficient and friendly and clean up when they complete the job. They show respect for my home and listen carefully to what I wish to get accomplished. I also like their flat rate pricing because I know what the job will cost before it is started.














Ron Jones
Chantilly Plumbing & Remodeling, Inc.